Chloramines in Some L.A. Water

Chloramines: Byproduct found to be highly toxic

Some Los Angeles area water companys have changed they’re method of sanitizing water in an effort to achieve compliance with federal maximum contaminant levels of chlorine disinfection byproducts. The primary DBP’s they are trying to reduce are Trihalomethanes which are known carcinogens.
The new method of sanitizing is by adding ammonia along with chlorine creating chloramine which is much less reactive with organic material, is highly stable and creates little or no Trihalomethanes.

Disinfection byproducts are a serious matter; to date only about 50% of chlorine DBP’s have even been identified. chloramines have they’re own DBP’s of which only about 17% have been identified.

Recently a study was done on the structure and toxicity of 5 iodoacids, these may be the most toxic family of DBP’s to date. one of the five detailed in the study, iodoacetic acid is the most toxic and DNA damaging to mammalian cells in tests of known DBP’s.
In other words : in attempting to solve one problem another even worse one has been created, the good news is that chloramines and the resulting DBP’s can be removed.
some of the areas that may be using chloramines include: malibu, agoura hills, calabasas, westlake village,moorpark, pacific palisades, topanga,pacific palisades,brentwood, santa monica, woodland hills, tartan, encino, sherman oaks, beverly hills west hollywood and more.

May 2 2016 VillageZenn Category: News

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